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Office Talk

Wow!  Michael and I had such a fun filled weekend!  Saturday in the A.M., we hit the gym for a little morning sweat session.  I took a 24 SET class which kicked my booty!  SET class is usually more focused on strength training, but our drillinstructor was very cardio oriented.  There were lots of jumping jacks, jumping squats, and just general jumping!  The poor little newbie next to me looked like he was about to burst into tears at any moment!  And our instructor took no pity on us, yelling, “Come on!  You can do better!”  It would have been much scarier except she was screaming through a thick Asian accent, which made it so much more entertaining!  I had to stifle a giggle or two!  After having my butt handed to me, Mike and I headed home for showers, lunch and the Zoo!  We had been told last week that some the lions from the Wild Animal Park would be relocated to the Zoo this week and we were eager to check it out.  It was probably the most active I’ve ever seen lions in person before since they were acclimating to their new home.  Although I’m sure that some very intelligent engineers developed the lion holding apparatus, the material that separates people from lions is really unimpressive!  It basically looks like a reinforced soccer net!  Here’s to hoping the lions are well fed!

Sunday was supposed to be the day of my race, but come Sunday morning, I wasn’t feeling so hot.  I just couldn’t fall asleep Saturday night, so by morning I was exhausted and headachy.  Michael and I stayed in and watched Revolutionary Road, which was very well written and well acted, but extremely depressing!  Afterwards, we went to the farmer’s market to pick up some produce.  We arrived late, which it totally the way to go!  Desperate to get rid of the excess produce, sellers starts slashing prices.  We got so much fruit!  Somehow everything at the farmer’s market is sweeter than the produce at the grocery store.  I have a theory involving simple syrup and syringes, but no evidence . . . yet!  Afterwards Michael went to see Star Trek the movie with Regan (thank God they have each other to geek out with!) while I napped.  When Michael got home, we decided to go grab a bite at a little burger joint which was pretty delish!  Then we headed home to watch Doubt, which was excellent!  Everything was great: the acting, the script, the cinematography!  Definitely one of the better movies of 2008.

So, it’s been a very quiet day at work.  I thought my employers were supposed to be back from vacation today, but clearly I am mistaken.  I have no clue when their scheduled return is, but I am not calling them for fear that it will cause them to magically materialize.  No worries, I have a few things on the agenda to keep my occupied.  Payroll is Friday and by some act of God, nearly everyone already has their hours logged!  I had to make significantly fewer harassing friendly phone calls to remind people to log their hours.  I think they’re finally catching on to the fact that there is a direct relationship between hours logged and hours paid.  I *almost* have them trained! 

To get us all through a dreary Monday, I present you with this little nugget of joy:  It’s a website where people from all over the country submit the sometimes stupid, often strange, but always hilarious little conversations they have overheard in the office.  As I don’t really have an office . . . or coworkers . . . or . . . a real job, I don’t have anything to contribute, but it always brightens my day!

This week = so busy!  I’m so excited to have so much going on, it really makes the work week fly!  I can’t believe that Michael and I will be celebrating out 1 year wedding anniversary Sunday!  Where has the year gone?  We have dinner reservations at The Better Half Bistro, which is this cute looking French Restuarant which is 2 blocks from our apartment which I’ve been just dying to try!


Early Bird

Have you ever woken up super early and just weren’t able to fall back asleep?  That was me this morning at 4:00 am.  I tossed and turned forever, and realized that I was clearly up for the day.  So, I decided to put my extra energy to good use!  I rolled out of bed a little before 5:00, made a quick breakfast, packed lunch, and I was off to the gym for 6:00 spin class!  Although I am usually not a morning excerciser (my brain doesn’t normally function that early!), I love getting my workout out of the way early.  Spinning was especially vicious this morning, our instructor was really intense!  I have a love/hate relationship with spin class.  I love what a great workout it is and how much I sweat, and how it makes me feel afterwards.  But, when I’m actually in class, I hate it!  It’s just so exhausting and repetitive.  It really is such a great cross training workout, though.  It’s so much easier on my knees and joints, which I especially appreciated after yesterday’s track workout.  I’m debating now whether I should go for a light run this afternoon.  I’m definitley penciling in a nap, I guess I’ll see how I feel when I wake up.

Track Star!

Yesterday’s track workout was awesome!  I ran 8×800 (800 meters is half a mile, or 2 laps around a standard track) with rests in between.  I am still working through the end of my cold, and that was really obvious yesterday.  I was seriously hacking up a lung, I think my lung capacity is currently around 70%.  I really gave that workout my all, I didn’t think I was going to make it at circuit 6.  But I managed to squeeze out 2 more & even did an 800 cool down.  One of the things I love about track workouts is the people.  While people running in the park might just be your average casual runners, people who run at the track are typically more hardcore!  I’m embarrassed to admit this, but yesterday a guy in his 60’s kicked my butt at the track.  I mean, he was flying, it was insane!  So inspiring!

I’m trying everything to build my endurance back upbefore Sunday’s race.  I’m really anxious about the race.  I’ve never run more than 6.2 miles in a race before, and Sunday’s race is 8.2 miles.  I was so much more confident about my ability to run it before I got sick.  Now, I feel like it’s going to be a major challenge.  I know that it’s nothing I can’t handle, but I will have to be a little less ambitious about my time!  Without Limits, the movie about ’70’s running superstar, Steve Prefontaine is supposed to arrive tomorrow from Netflix.  I want to watch it Saturday night for a little pre-race boost 🙂


Whew, I survived another Monday!  I am still recovering from a nasty cold I had on Friday and Saturday!  I spend most of the day on Saturday sleeping, which seemed to help speed the recovery process.  I literally slept until I could not sleep anymore!  The Mad Scientist took most excellent care of me and even went out on a mission to get some delish Boston Market.  Comfort food is totally necessary when sick, I think it has medicinal properties!  Although, nothing is as magical as mom’s homecooking.  Seriously.  My mom can cook and bake way better than your mom can.  And that’s not an exaggeration!  😉  So, after 24 hours of confinement to our tiny apartment, I was feeling better, but climbing the walls!  So the Mad Scientist and I went to church and a fab brunch at Olivitto in Mission Hills.  The menu is totally my style: fresh and based around seasonal ingredients.  The inside is very hip and chic, and the service was good.  We definitely want to go back for vino some night!  I ordered a delish salad with field greens, walnuts, mango (only my fav fruit ever!), and grilled chicken.  Michael ordered the banana stuffed french toast and then ordered the breakfast quesadillas.  You read that right, he ordered TWO entrees, what can I say?  The boy can eat!  Afterwards, we picked up the basics at Henry’s for the week.  I also got a new rice protein powder by NutriBiotic, which is truely dairy free, yay!  It definitely makes the Green Monster a little gritty, but it makes my tummy happy, which is the most important to me!

After our grocery shopping adventure, we headed over to the San Diego Zoo.  It’s become our Sunday afternoon ritual.  Watching the animals just never gets old, they’re always doing something different.  And the zoo is so big, that we still have yet to see everything!  And it was a great panda viewing day.  Pandas are my favorite animal, but they’re not usually very active since they sleep something like 18 hours a day.  But this week, they were up and snacking on some bamboo.  It was too adorable!  I wish I could have a panda for a pet, but I guess I’ll have to settle for a dog!!

That’s right, The Mad Scientist will finally be able to have a dog of our very own!  We are moving into an aparment in the middle of July that will allow us to adopt a little fur child!  I am so excited, as I’ve been wanting to get a puppy for years now!  And all of this excitment just happens to occur right around my birthday, so I think my birthday present is going to be a little Westie named Toby!  I just can’t wait!!

July is going to be a totally insane month for us!  Rundown for the first week of July:

*My cousin Ryan is returning from a 7 month South East Asia Tour with the Navy

*My Aunt Cathy and Uncle Rick are coming to meet my cousin and we’ll be hanging out with them some

*My MIL (mother in law) is going to be in town

*4th of July, which is gauranteed shenanigans

*Our 1 year wedding anniversary ❤

What a crazy week, huh?!  We’re then moving in the middle of July, then I’m going back to Wellington, FL to visit the fam for a week!  Crazy month, but all good things, I can’t wait!  I’m super excited to see the fam!  Just a month from Thursday now & I am in full shape up mode!

Returning to working out after a cold is so brutal.  I went for a slow 30 minute run yesterday, but it was so difficult.  I felt like I wasn’t able to get enough oxygen, my lung capacity is not impressive right now 😦  I hate getting sick when I’m in the zone with working out, it’s such a huge set back!  And I’ve got a race on Sunday, so I am trying to get back in the groove and prepped for that.  I’ve got a track workout tonight, which I looooove!  They’re always so challenging, but breaking them up makes it seem easier to run my hardest.

Around the Blogosphere:

Eat Live Run is my most favorite blog ever, and Miss Jenna is selling an awesome E-cookbook for a $10 donation to Team in Training.  It’s a great deal and a great cause!  Check it out!

Also, Bobbi at N Her Shoes is doing an Amazing Grass giveaway!  I hope I win 😉

Adventures in Baking

I wanted to make banana bread last night, but I didn’t have enough Earth Balance.  So, I decided that it was time to get creative!  I have always loved to bake, but I typically find a recipe and stick to it.  I’ve been afraid to stray too far from the recipe, worried that the finished product won’t come out properly.  So, last night I borrowed from numerous recipes and a little of my own imagination to create a killer banana bread.  What was my secret ingredient?  Avocado!  I substituted the oil for avocado, since it is high in good natural fats.  I think I might have undercooked my banana bread a bit, I blame the inconsistency of my old apartment oven!  Here’s my recipe:

Avocado Banana Bread

4 overripe bananas

1 ripe avocado

2 eggs

3/4 cup brown sugar

1 2/3 cup whole wheat flour

1 tsp baking soda

1/4 tsp baking powder

generous sprinkle cinnamon

splash vanilla

Mix all ingredients together, transfer to loaf pan, bake at 350° until done.

Enjoy with steaming cup of peppermint tea.


Ok, so the last part is optional!  The Mad Scientist raved about this version (I’m always trying new recipes and variations on banana bread).  It turned out very moist and sweet.  I think the only alteration I might make would be to cut down the sugar to 1/2 cup.  I hope you enjoy!IMG_1509

Livin La Vida Lactose

Today’s lesson involves the importance of reading labels.  Recently I started making a morning Green Monster, which I have been loving!  Unfortunately they have not been loving me back.  Then I realized that while the protein powder I was using proclaimed itself to be lactose free, it was not dairy free.  Ugh, so frustrating!  Also, I have made the switch from milk chocolate to dark chocolate with the intention of being dairy free.  Wrong!  My beloved Dark Chocolate Dove Promises contain milk fat!  I feel like all of those promises were lies!  Manufacturers love to hide little surprises in their products.  I’m just glad that my allergy is relatively mild, so then when I do absentmindedly eat something containing dairy, I’m just uncomfortable.  My new mantra?  Always Read  The Label!

Racing Shirts

Ah the Racing T-Shirt.  Recently I’ve read some controversy regarding the racing t-shirt at  There are some haters out there who feel that it’s a cheap item in the racing goody bag that should be replaced with a cooler more expensive item such as running socks, water bottles, hat, etc.  Well, I’m here today to proclaim my undying love for the racing t-shirt, my favorite articles of clothing!  Wearing a racing t-shirt gives me a feeling of strength, speed, and invincibility.  It reminds me of a goal that I accomplished which gives me motivation to run longer, faster, stronger.  A racing t-shirt also tells the world, “Hey, I’m a runner,”  which kind of makes me feel like a bada$$!  I love seeing racing t-shirts on other runners around town.  It’s awesome to see what interesting racing events are out there.  I feel like all runners share a bond that non-runners just don’t understand.  Racing shirts are a simple way to identify other members of the “runner’s club.”  I’m always especially in awe of runners in marathon t-shirts because they’ve accomplished something that I dream of.  I know that I will be especially proud to wear my first marathon t-shirt!  I’ll probably wear it everyday the first week after the race!  Oh my goodness, and if I were ever lucky enough to run Boston, forget about it!  I wouldn’t take the shirt off to wash it 😉

Epic Fail!

Ok, so Saturday’s surprise was a complete bust!  We were supposed to go to the Little Italy Farmer’s Market, but parking was a major issue!  We probably drove around for half an hour tying to find a spot.  Around every corner, other people were finding spots, but we had no luck!  Oh well!  It’s on the agenda this weekend for sure!  I’m thinking the key is to get there earlier in the day.

So, this week has been much calmer at work.  Although, the boss’ kids are out of school and running around like crazy little Indians, disrupting our flow a little bit.  I’m totally jealous of their carefree summer!

This week in health has been awesome!  I’m rocking week 2 of the half marathon training schedule and I’ve been pretty good about incorporating weights into my routine.  Monday I went to a 24 hour lift class at my gym which was awesome!  It’s bascially just a typical low weight, high rep, fast paced class.  The music made it super fun, though.  Yesterday I did a track workout at the UCSD track!  This is going to work out sooo well!  The new Tuesday plan is:  I’ll go straight from work to the track and then once I’m done with my workout, I can just pick The Mad Scientist up and head home, perfect!  Yesterday I did 5x 1000 meters fast with a 2 minute recovery between each.  I really feel like I get so much out of track workouts; so glad I found a new track!  Yay!  For today, I’m heading straight from work to the gym for another 24 Lift class, then I’m off for an easy breezy 30 minute run.  Then, I’ll rush home to shower and change to go over to Kelly and Regan’s place for dinner and So You Think You Can Dance!  Such a fun show!  Kelly’s totally got me hooked (Michael oddly really enjoys it too!).

Do you have a guilty pleasure junk T.V. show?  What’s your favorite?

First Restaurant Review: Sushi Deli 1

 I didn’t manage to make it out for a run yesterday, so sad!  When I woke up from my usual siesta, my stomach was not my friend!  Today is another day and I’ll do the workout that I had scheduled for yesterday.  I took the opportunity to catch up with a friend.  I don’t know what I’m so bad at calling people, but I’m just not typically a good talk on the phone kind of person.  I need to work on that!  I’m giving myself homework this weekend: call two friends I haven’t talked to in awhile.

In other news, I am announcing a new weekly installment on Gader Girl:  Restaurant Reviews!  Mad Scientist and I LOVE to eat out, but being newlyweds and new grads, we are on a tight budget.  As a compromise, we eat out only one time per week, alternating who gets to choose the restaurant.  I’ve written my first review below, look out for more to come!

Sushi Deli 1 in Hillcrest is a tiny hole in the wall restaurant with tables crammed together to maximize the space.  I’ve heard its a very popular spot, and boy was that the case!  There were lots of people were standing outside waiting to be seated.  They have an interesting system worked out without a main hostess.  You sign yourself up on the waiting list and wait for the very busy waitress/hostess/bus girl/super woman to seat you.  There was a sake bar inside for those waiting for a table, but when we went to sit down it was packed!  The wait wasn’t long, however, tables seemed to turn over pretty quickly.  People definitely don’t talk about this place for the ambiance!  It was very loud and service felt very rushed.  The menu was pretty extensive, but I was disappointed with the lack of raw fish options.  It seemed like everything was fried or baked.  Whatever happened to sushi being RAW?!  The few rolls that were raw only came spicy, which to me seemed to suggest that the fish itself might not be of the highest quality.  When we ordered I tried to make a substitution, but I was quickly told that, “We don’t do that kind of thing here.”  Hmm, this was disappointing since so many rolls contained my nemesis in the form of cream cheese.  Oh well, I ordered 2 rolls (I can’t remember the name of them, sorry!  I’ll do better next time!)  and Michael ordered 4 rolls.  They came out surprisingly quickly for that amount of sushi.  They were ok, definitely not the best sushi I’ve ever eaten.  But it was really inexpensive, so I guess you get what you pay for.  Would I go back to Sushi Deli?  Probably not, I’d rather spend a little bit more and have higher quality sushi. It’s all about quality versus quantity for me.  But if you’re looking for fast cheap sushi, Sushi Deli 1 might be the place for you.

Have you ever been to Sushi Deli?  What was your experience?  Are there any restaurants you would like to see me do a review of?  I would love suggestions!  Next time I promise more specific detail and pictures, but I am doing this review a week after eating there and I didn’t initially plan on doing a review.

We have fun plans for Saturday!  I guess you’ll just have to tune in tomorrow to find out what it is 😉


Wow, this week has been insane!  Let me catch you up on the conclusion of last week first . . .

After hours of deliberation, we the jury had finally reached a decision on Friday afternoon:  Guilty on all counts.  I truely think that justice was served and hope that the defendant will learn from her mistakes.  Long story short, the defendant was working as a live in caregiver for a elderly woman from whom she was stealing.  Not cool!

I have to admit that day 1 of jury duty, I was like, “Get me out of here, I have things to do.”  We watched a video about former jurors and how amazing their experiences were, and I was thinking, “Right, whatever, this is so lame.”  By the end of my service, however, I knew exactly what these people meant.  I came out of this experience with a whole new appreciation for our legals system.  It was really interesting to watch it all first hand.  My case was a criminal case, so it definitely contributed to the courtroom drama (not as exciting as Law and Order, but I digress).  Deliberation is a really interesting process.  You take the unique personalities and perspectives of 12 total strangers and try to reach one decision.  It was tough!  But I was very impressed with the jury.  Everyone was very respectful of each other, giving everyone a chance to voice their opinions.  Each person brought something different to the table.  Everyone took the task very seriously and put a lot of careful thought into reaching a verdict.  I loved our jury and I would totally trust them if I were the one standing trial.  

Of all of the jurors, my favorite was juror number 3.  He was a well dressed, soft spoken older gentleman with such a friendly smile.  I was never sure what to say to him or how to strike up a conversation until the very last day, I’m so glad I did!  He had a coffee cup decorated with a picture of his family.  I asked him about it and he proudly told me about his grandchildren.  While we were chatting, we got on the subject of running and he told me that he used to be a runner until 2 years ago when he had to get his knees replaced.  He can’t run anymore, but he told me that he still dreams about running.  It made me feel so guilty for taking my ability to run for granted, for all of the days I have decided that I’m just too tired to run or that I didn’t feel like it.  It’s given me a different perspective on days when I’m just not feeling it. 

This week has been a complete whirlwind!  There were lots of fires waiting for me to put out Monday morning.  I leave, and everything falls apart 😉  It’s been so busy around here that the week has just flown by, I can’t believe that tomorrow is Friday!  Yay for the weekend!  Michael and I are planning on going to Little Italy on Saturday for the Farmer’s Market.  I love fresh fruits and veggies, yum!  Let’s see if I can stay on budget!

Since I last posted, I have run 2 separate 10 mile runs!  Woohoo!  I’m so excited!  My running has really improved!  I am going to be running the Coronado Low Tide Ride and Stride on June 28th, which is a 8.2 mile course.  It’s the longest race that I’ve ever run and I am so pumped!  I feel really prepared.  Today I am doing a tempo workout:  1 mile slow, 4 miles fast, and 1 mile slow for a total of 6 miles.  I might hit the gym for weights, we’ll see!