Gader Girl in Sandy Eggo


I am training for my first race in over a year!  I ran track and cross country in high school, and I still LOVE to run!  It allows me to completely release any stress or frustration.  One of my favorite things about running is the way it changes my perspective on my body.  I have a new appreciation for just how strong my body is and what it can accomplish, and takes the focus off of how it looks.  I have started running the trails in Balboa Park, after giving myself a chance to rest and recover from inflamed tendons in my ankle (no more running on concrete for me!).  It’s a very scenic run, and allows for a lot of variety, including lots of hills.  They are challenging, but so good for building endurance!  I stretching away the soreness in my legs as I get back into the swing of things.  I can’t wait for race day!  The energy and excitement in a race just motivate me to push myself in a way that I cannot by myself.

I will be running the Super Run in Mission Bay Park on January 31st, the Saturday before the Super Bowl.  I’m only going to do the 5K, since it’s been awhile.  Then, I will be running the 10K on March 15th, just 2 days before St. Patrick’s Day!  All leading up to the La Jolla half marathon on April 26!!  It’s going to be a huge challenge, but it’s fun to have something to work towards!  And all of them have beer gardens at the ends of the races 🙂  I just wish I had a running buddy to train with!  Maybe I will be able to make some new friends through this, we shall see!


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