Gader Girl in Sandy Eggo

Anchors Away!

Ryan shipped out on Saturday, so Michael and I went with him and his parents to see him off.  Ryan gave us a tour of the ship, it was so cool!  I don’t know how the sailors can live in such a tiny little space for 6 to nine months, especially spending so much time away from their loved ones.  It was so sad watching fathers say goodbye to their wives and young children.  There were many tears shed at the pier, even the toughest looking sailors were a little choked up.  It really made me appreciate the sacrifices that the brave men and women in the military make so that we can be safe.   I was amazed by the wives of the sailors too, many of them have young children and several were pregnant!  I couldn’t imagine watching my husband sail off for months while I awaited the arrival of our next child and took care of the other little ones at home by myself!  My prayers will be with these amazing young men and women and their families!


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