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Asian Persuasion

I’ve had a very Asian day!  My company is putting in a bid on a major project (1900 sites!) for a Chinese company.  So, my boss, being the eccentric and fascinating business man that he is, has decided that his wife Nikki and I will need to learn to speak a little Chinese if we win this work!  While this might seem like a daunting task, I’m actually really excited about it!  I love language!  I didn’t take four years of French for nothing.  I can still remember enough Spanish for a simple conversation with my boss’ Mexican housekeeper.  And Michael and I attend the once a month Italian Mass in Little Italy, where I can understand every few phrases.  Chinese will definitely be different, though.  I mean, it’s not even based on the same alphabet!  But it will be a fun challenge, and how cool would it be to put on my resume?!  Especially with the Chinese economy strengthening!


And now for my new obsession:


I had never had the culinary delight of eating Thai food before moving to California!  There were Thai restaurants in Florida, but I never had any friends who were into it, so I just never tried it.  During my first month of work, I went with Mark and Nikki to a business meeting that ended around lunchtime, so Mark decided we should go out for lunch.  He chose a Thai food place.  Although it would not have been my choice, I’m a try-anything-once kind of girl so I went with the flow.  The food choices looked relatively like a Chinese food menu, so I went with the sweet and sour chicken, something familiar.  When we ordered, the waitress asked me how hot I would like my food from 1 to 10.  I knew Thai food was spicy, but how spicy are we talking?!  Is a 3 gonna make me tear up?!  I decided on a 5 after grilling the waitress a bit about the different levels of spiciness.  When the food arrived, I was pleasantly surprised by the delicious aroma floating up to meet me.  Thai food is tricky, as I was soon to find out, it doesn’t seem too spicy at first, but there is definitely a cumulative effect at work!  The spiciness builds as you eat it, and can sneak up on you!  I remember I had a cold that day, but I was soon breathing clear!  We walked out of the restaurant, my tongue and lips still tingling with spicy delight, and our waitress asked me at the door if it was too hot.  I smiled, opened the door and told her, “It was perfect!”  Ever since that amazing meal, I have become obsessed with Thai food!  Nikki and I go to a little place called ra-ka-de-ka about once a week for lunch.  They have a great lunch special where you can get a small cup of soup, salad, spring roll, a juicy wedge of orange, rice, and any entree for under $6.  I have tried various different dishes and determined that I love them all!  I’m drooling now just thinking about it!


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  1. * peggy says:

    Katie, I love your blog!! I think you have got a great writing style. One day you may write a book!!
    I couldn’t find it at first because I was looking for the word Blog in the title!! Have a great weekend.
    I three of the volunteers at work are still jogging in their late 40s and are in great shape. they started jogging together when their kids were small and have become best friends and a real support group for each other.They jog for an hour 3 times a week. Suzie, the one I know best, jogs by herself another two days. On the days Suzie jogs alone she says it’s her think time,and it clears her head. I really wish I would have gotten into jogging when I was younger.

    Love ya,

    | Reply Posted 9 years, 2 months ago

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