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A Time for Action

The following is an email that I have written to my state Senators. I encourage you all to contact your Senators and let them know how you feel about our current economic situation. They want to hear from you so that they can keep their fingers on the pulse of the people. Remind them that they are our elected representatives and that we shall hold them accountable for their actions and their voting record.

“The people should not be afraid of their government, the government should be afraid of its people” — V for Vendetta

Dear Mrs. Feinstein and Mrs. Boxer,

I am contacting you today regarding the state of the economy and our government’s response to the present crisis. I beseech you not to spend any more of the American taxpayers’ dollars. Do you realize that since President Obama has taken office, he has spent an overwhelming $36 billion per day? This is a dangerous path that we have embarked upon. The madness must end. We cannot mortgage our present at the cost of future generations. Please do not support a bill to nationalize any banks. We need to allow the forces of the free market to correct the disaster that has ensued due to government intervention. What we need is not more government and bureaucracy.

Please do not support a bill to rescue those who purchased houses with mortgages they cannot afford. My husband and I just graduated from the University of Florida, he with his PhD in Neuroscience and myself with a Bachelor’s in English with a minor in business. We moved to San Diego this summer, where we have experienced all of the challenges of the present economic situation. For months, we struggled to find employment. Thankfully, we have both found work, although my husband is still not working in his field of expertise. We are renting a very small apartment here, despite the fact that we would have loved to buy a house. We refrained from doing so because we recognized that it would be irresponsible for us to buy a house which we could not afford. Please, do not take our tax dollars to reward the poor decisions of others. You are doing them a disservice by rewarding their unwise borrowing habits. They have made their choices and they must accept the consequences for their actions. By bailing out these individuals, you are depriving them of a very difficult but necessary lesson.

My parents are my biggest heros. They are the epitome of the American dream. My mother and father were married 25 years ago with very little money. My parents began a small business. With much sacrifice and hard work, their business grew and they have built a very successful small business. This month, my parents made a very difficult decision. They were forced to lay off one of their employees because they simply cannot afford to pay his salary. They have never before had to lay someone off because of the economy. They are suffering further difficulty to pay their tax bill this year, they are faced with the prospect of taking out a loan to pay them. This is just one example of the struggle that small businesses are facing this year. I work as an office manager for a small business in San Diego where I have witnessed first hand the difficulty of maintaining a business in this economy. My employers have been forced to make lay offs and ask their employees to take major pay cuts to keep their business afloat. These businesses are the backbone of this country and this economy, please support tax breaks for small businesses. According to SBA, small businesses create 78.9 percent of new jobs in the United States. Money spent to increase unemployment benefits would be better off given to small businesses in the form of tax breaks to prevent them from resorting to laying off valuable workers in order to pay their bills. By supporting small businesses, you are preserving jobs. During difficult economic times, small businesses are the hardest hit.

Please do not support any further financial aide to the American auto industry. These companies are not running efficiently and they should not be rewarded for their failure with tax payer dollars. If they cannot turn a profit now under a free market, why should we believe that the government will be able to revive them? And more importantly, why should we be forced against our will to financially back these companies? When they make money, the American people do not get a share unless they hold stock, so when they fail, we should not be responsible for propping them up. The foreign auto companies have been far more profitable. This is not due to more ingenuity, better resources, or better workers. Rather, it is because the unions in America have artificially increased the costs of labor and retirement packages. The failure of the auto companies is a failure of the unions.

The economy is in a poor state, and Americans all over the country are tightening their belts to meet their financial obligations. It is time for the American government to follow suit. When I don’t have money to buy something, I don’t buy it. The government needs to take the same approach and realize that there are some programs that we simply cannot afford at this time. The national and state governments need to stop running such outrageous deficits. Please choose to make the responsible decisions which will ultimately benefit this great country. I know that they may not be popular now, but please realize that we need a long term solution, not a quick fix. Realize that the American people are paying attention to what their representatives are doing and how they are voting now more than ever. I am a registered voter in California and I will be keeping a very close eye on my senators and their voting records.

Thank you for your time–Katie Staup


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  1. * sophie says:

    I came across this post and I just have to comment. I understand your concern and your disdain towards giving money to people that were irresponsible in their home-buying. However, “teaching them a lesson” is not going to save this country. Something needs to be done to get the economy back up and running again, and if that means bailing these people out then I say go for it. Am I angry that the banks gave out money they shouldn’t have for mortgages that homeowners couldn’t afford? Hell Yes! But this doesn’t change that fact that we need to help out a great number of the people in this country because unless people start spending again we are going to be down in this hole of a recession for a while.

    I also want to say “f*ck the banks- you messed up and we arent bailing you out again” but unfortunately that is not going to work. Luckily, the Obama administration has but down new rules and regulations on who they can lend their money to and how much. They aren’t going to let this happen again.

    You say that your husband works in the science field. Well luckily, Obama has just giving billions of dollars to those of us working off federal grants. Many of us with on going clinical trials are getting some bail out money of our own so we can keep the research going. As a researcher I can tell you that it is fantastic to have a democrat in office so we can keep the research going! The Obama administration is much less concerned with “ethical” issues and more concerned with keeping up with important discoveries which will hopefully someday cure a number of debilitating diseases.

    It is unfortunate that we are in this mess but we need a turn of events and unfortunately, as in ALL businesses big and small, we need to spend money to make money in this country.

    Anyway, thats all. I see that you got a response from a congress person…I’m going to check that out. I just know so many people who are angry that we are bailing out irresponsible citizens and while I am angry too we have to keep in mind that teaching people a lesson is not going to help us move forward as a country- making new laws against future mistakes is key and getting the money flowing again is important. Thanks for your time… S

    | Reply Posted 9 years, 1 month ago

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