Gader Girl in Sandy Eggo

Random Thoughts for the Night

“The Great Depression” must have had a very impressive marketing campaign, because when you think depression, you don’t normally think great.  Way to put a positive spin on a bad situation!  I can just picture morale rising among the people once the phrase had been coined, “I’ve been unemployed for months, but isn’t this depression just great?!”  I imagine the Great Depression must have had the same publicist as the Fun Size Candy bar (we all know that there is nothing fun about a candy bar that can be consumed in a single bite!).  

I have a new idea for a novel.  What if we elected our next president through American Idol?!  There would be an audition process, where the most important qualities in a candidate would be entertainment value and that ever elusive “presidential look.”  It would be a satire exploring both the effect of pop culture on the presidency and the effect of the presidency on pop culture (think Obama’s use of the internet in his campaign, Tina Fey’s many appearances as Sarah Palin on SNL, etc).  Who knows?  This process could produce better options than the current system.  After all, were John McCain and Barack Obama really our best two candidates for the job?  I find that difficult to believe.  I think it would be a really interesting novel, I’ve just got to allow the ideas to mature before I start work on it.  

Random, I know!  I’m sleepy, off to bed for me!


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  1. * Peggy Staup says:

    You are brillian! I’d buy the novel!

    | Reply Posted 9 years, 1 month ago

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