Gader Girl in Sandy Eggo

St Patrick’s Day Run!

Last Saturday I ran the St. Patrick’s Day 10K!  I ran it in 57:27, which is about a 9:15 mile.  I was aiming for under a 9 minute mile, but I’m very proud since I had never run a 10K before.  You can check out the official results here.  I was number 949 out of 1909 people.  It was much more challenging than I had thought it would be!  I felt like my adrenaline was so rushed, which helped me get going at the beginning of the race.  But as time went on, I felt like I ran out of steam a bit, but I think overall I managed to pace myself pretty well.  I also think I need to start closer to the start line, so I can get away from the pack more quickly.  The race was on Fiesta Island, which sounds cool (for all the gringos out there, fiesta means party en Español) but its pretty much a barren island with little vegetation.  The morning was overcast, which was nice since the sun wasn’t beating down on us while we ran.  Michael was waiting for me at the finish line and took an awesome video, which I’m having difficulty uploading . . . I’m working on it!  I did a pretty good job of passing people in the final moments!  I got a cool shirt and the race ended in a beer garden!  That’s my kind of race!  So I got my beers and realized that I couldn’t share one with Michael since he didn’t run the race.  I could only drink one, so I turned to a group of people who were chatting.  Out of hundreds of people, I just happened to offer my extra beer to the man who won the race!  What are the odds?!  I was so exhausted after the race that I came home, showered, and crashed for a few hours!  

My next run is the Carlsbad 5000, it’s known as the World’s Fastest 5K.  The course is supposed to be flat, fast, and very scenic.  Mike and I are planning on driving up for the race and making it a little weekend getaway.  We’re going to get a hotel room and enjoy a little wine tasting.  We could use a little relaxation after the crazy year we’ve had.  Mike takes his new position at UCSD at the beginning of May, and we have no idea what his schedule will be like.  Researcher jobs are not usually confined to 9 to 5, unfortunately, so we’re really looking forward to taking the opportunity to spend some quality time together.

The La Jolla Half Marathon is in just 5 short weeks, and I am just not sure that I am going to be prepared.  I might have to pass this one up to work up my mileage and maybe find a different half marathon to do.  I don’t want to overextend myself; thirteen miles just sounds so long!!  

Michael’s mom is going to be in town on Wednesday for Sophie’s first birthday, so we’re looking forward to that!  I need to get prepared for her party on Saturday, since I am making the cupcakes!!  I’m going to try this recipe, I know I should have done a trial run, but I’ve been so busy!  I’ll be sure to follow the recipe closely and say a little prayer.


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