Gader Girl in Sandy Eggo

Sophie’s First Birthday!

Admittedly, I was supposed to go for a run this morning.  I managed to wake up early and everything, but I have no desire to go out into the chilly morning to run.  I think I just need to learn to accept the fact that I am simply not a morning runner and I am done trying to force it!  I’m an afternoon runner, and that’s perfectly fine.  In the mornings,  I would much rather stay in my pajamas, watch the news, and catch you all up on my weekend . . . 

We had a jam packed weekend!  My mother-in-law, Peggy was in town to celebrate Sophie’s First Birthday!!  We had a party for her on Saturday, which mostly involved lounging by TJ’s pool for the afternoon.  I made vanilla cupcakes with pink buttercream icing for the event.  They came out pretty well, I got lots of compliments on them.  Sophie definitely enjoyed them!  She dove head first into hers.  She has never really had dessert before, so she isn’t used to all of the sugar, and she was involuntarily shaking from the sugar high.  She was acting all spazy, until she crashed about an hour later, it was so funny 🙂

On Sunday, we went to the zoo, where we did the Zoofari, which is like a giant safari bus that takes you around the whole park.  It was really fun, and we were able to see pretty much the entire zoo, which is impossible in just one day of walking!  Sophie really seemed to enjoy it, I think it was easier for her to see the animals from the top of the bus.

Monday was a continuation of the weekend!  Peggy wanted to babysit Sophie so she could spend a little one on one time with her before she went back to Omaha.  So after work, we went to Old Town for dinner with Kelly, Regan, TJ, and Laura (a friend of TJ’s who was visiting from Iowa).  We had fun chatting over dinner, but the margaritas were seriously weak!  I think the bartender forgot a key ingredient . . . TEQUILA!!  


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