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Yesterday was an insanely busy day!  I woke up and did 20 minutes of Power Vinyasa Flow #4 in the apartment.  I am fully addicted to this video!  I love the chatarangas and plank series!  It really kicks my butt and gets me really sweaty first thing in the morning.

After yoga, I headed into work, which was a pretty slow boring day, but I did get off at 2:00 at which point I went home for a quick snack and nap.  When I got up, I did the tempo workout on tap for the day:  1 mile slow warmup, 4 miles fast, and 1 mile slow cool down for a total of 6 miles.  It was a good workout and the weather was cool, but I did start to get a little tight in the shoulders half way through.  I’m starting to become much more confident about my ability to finish the half marathon.  Now, it’s not a matter of IF I’ll finish, but HOW!  Afterwards, I jetted over to the gym for a quick chest/shoulder strength training.  I had to hurry home to shower and get ready for dinner!

I met up with some lovely ladies I met in blogland at Trattoria Fantastica, a cute little restaurant tucked away in Little Italy.  Meghann , Ashley, Sarah, and Bobbie are running the Rock N Roll Marathon on Sunday.  Hallie will also be volunteering at the race as well, so there was lots of excited marathon chatting.  These amazing women are such an inspiration and make me wish that I could run on Sunday!  I have to remind myself that while I am not ready now, I will be totally ready for next year!  I can’t wait!  Dinner was fantastic!  The bread looked very yummy, but I wasn’t super hungry and I didn’t want to spoil my appetite with bread.  Yay for intuitive eating! I started with a nice Pinot Noir and had an Eggplant veggie pasta dish.  It was soo tasty, I am definitely on an eggplant kick!  * Note to self, buy eggplant and do some recipe experimenting!*  I ate about half of my dinner and boxed the rest for leftovers.  I left the restaurant feeling satisfied, but not uncomfortably full.  Yay for more intuitive eating!

We had such a nice time and it was wonderful getting to meet some San Diegans and make some new friends 🙂  I’m heading to the expo tomorrow to pick up my parking pass for the marathon.  I’m not sure what to expect yet, but I hear there are going to be samples.  I hope Larabar is there! *Crosses fingers*


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  1. * Hallie says:

    Hey it was really nice meeting you yesterday 🙂 we should get together for happy hour one of these days since you work near where I live…have you ever been to Costa Brava? I went once, and now I’m a little obsessed with making it back there for tapas and sangria 🙂

    | Reply Posted 8 years, 11 months ago
    • * gadergirl says:

      Hey ladies, it was nice to meet you too! I’m heading over to the expo this afternoon if you want to meet up. Email me at and I’ll send you my phone number (I’d rather not share it with the world wide web, lol). If I don’t get a chance to see you before your race, good luck Sarah! And Hallie, I would love to do happy hour sometime! I ❤ sangria, tapas, & good company 🙂

      | Reply Posted 8 years, 11 months ago
  2. * Sarah says:

    Hi Katie! It was great meeting you last night. I’ll be looking for you around 24!!

    Sarah (

    | Reply Posted 8 years, 11 months ago

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