Gader Girl in Sandy Eggo

Trial and Error

Well, I got picked for jury duty, wouldn’t you know it?!  All I can really say about it is that I was selected for a criminal case and it will probably go though Friday.  Yeah, Friday!  I’m frustrated, because I have so much work to do at the office, but it is really interesting to watch the inner workings of our legal system.  It’s definitely not as glamourous and exciting as Law and Order makes it look!  Monday afternoon I ate at Thai Time downtown for lunch.  The food was ok, but I think I picked the wrong thing.  I ordered veggies and tofu in an oyster sauce.  I’d never had oyster sauce, and it wasn’t my favorite.  I also forgot to ask for brown rice.  I also ordered it at a spiciness of 7, but it was not nearly spicy enough!  Oh well!  I’m planning on saving money for the rest of the week by bringing my own lunch.  But, I think I’ve done a pretty good job of convincing the other jurors that we clearly deserve happy hour at Yardhouse once the trial wraps up!  Gotta love their beer selection! 🙂

Jury duty has also given me the chance to see the sites downtown.  We typically get an hour and a half for lunch, so I usually eat my lunch quickly and take a nice long walk.  I love doing this because my legs get so stiff just sitting all day, and I get antsy to move around and stretch.  I think when I return to work, I’ll keep up my post lunch walk.  It makes me feel so good!  Well, I’m off for another long day sitting in a juror box!


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