Gader Girl in Sandy Eggo

Racing Shirts

Ah the Racing T-Shirt.  Recently I’ve read some controversy regarding the racing t-shirt at  There are some haters out there who feel that it’s a cheap item in the racing goody bag that should be replaced with a cooler more expensive item such as running socks, water bottles, hat, etc.  Well, I’m here today to proclaim my undying love for the racing t-shirt, my favorite articles of clothing!  Wearing a racing t-shirt gives me a feeling of strength, speed, and invincibility.  It reminds me of a goal that I accomplished which gives me motivation to run longer, faster, stronger.  A racing t-shirt also tells the world, “Hey, I’m a runner,”  which kind of makes me feel like a bada$$!  I love seeing racing t-shirts on other runners around town.  It’s awesome to see what interesting racing events are out there.  I feel like all runners share a bond that non-runners just don’t understand.  Racing shirts are a simple way to identify other members of the “runner’s club.”  I’m always especially in awe of runners in marathon t-shirts because they’ve accomplished something that I dream of.  I know that I will be especially proud to wear my first marathon t-shirt!  I’ll probably wear it everyday the first week after the race!  Oh my goodness, and if I were ever lucky enough to run Boston, forget about it!  I wouldn’t take the shirt off to wash it 😉


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