Gader Girl in Sandy Eggo

Office Talk

Wow!  Michael and I had such a fun filled weekend!  Saturday in the A.M., we hit the gym for a little morning sweat session.  I took a 24 SET class which kicked my booty!  SET class is usually more focused on strength training, but our drillinstructor was very cardio oriented.  There were lots of jumping jacks, jumping squats, and just general jumping!  The poor little newbie next to me looked like he was about to burst into tears at any moment!  And our instructor took no pity on us, yelling, “Come on!  You can do better!”  It would have been much scarier except she was screaming through a thick Asian accent, which made it so much more entertaining!  I had to stifle a giggle or two!  After having my butt handed to me, Mike and I headed home for showers, lunch and the Zoo!  We had been told last week that some the lions from the Wild Animal Park would be relocated to the Zoo this week and we were eager to check it out.  It was probably the most active I’ve ever seen lions in person before since they were acclimating to their new home.  Although I’m sure that some very intelligent engineers developed the lion holding apparatus, the material that separates people from lions is really unimpressive!  It basically looks like a reinforced soccer net!  Here’s to hoping the lions are well fed!

Sunday was supposed to be the day of my race, but come Sunday morning, I wasn’t feeling so hot.  I just couldn’t fall asleep Saturday night, so by morning I was exhausted and headachy.  Michael and I stayed in and watched Revolutionary Road, which was very well written and well acted, but extremely depressing!  Afterwards, we went to the farmer’s market to pick up some produce.  We arrived late, which it totally the way to go!  Desperate to get rid of the excess produce, sellers starts slashing prices.  We got so much fruit!  Somehow everything at the farmer’s market is sweeter than the produce at the grocery store.  I have a theory involving simple syrup and syringes, but no evidence . . . yet!  Afterwards Michael went to see Star Trek the movie with Regan (thank God they have each other to geek out with!) while I napped.  When Michael got home, we decided to go grab a bite at a little burger joint which was pretty delish!  Then we headed home to watch Doubt, which was excellent!  Everything was great: the acting, the script, the cinematography!  Definitely one of the better movies of 2008.

So, it’s been a very quiet day at work.  I thought my employers were supposed to be back from vacation today, but clearly I am mistaken.  I have no clue when their scheduled return is, but I am not calling them for fear that it will cause them to magically materialize.  No worries, I have a few things on the agenda to keep my occupied.  Payroll is Friday and by some act of God, nearly everyone already has their hours logged!  I had to make significantly fewer harassing friendly phone calls to remind people to log their hours.  I think they’re finally catching on to the fact that there is a direct relationship between hours logged and hours paid.  I *almost* have them trained! 

To get us all through a dreary Monday, I present you with this little nugget of joy:  It’s a website where people from all over the country submit the sometimes stupid, often strange, but always hilarious little conversations they have overheard in the office.  As I don’t really have an office . . . or coworkers . . . or . . . a real job, I don’t have anything to contribute, but it always brightens my day!

This week = so busy!  I’m so excited to have so much going on, it really makes the work week fly!  I can’t believe that Michael and I will be celebrating out 1 year wedding anniversary Sunday!  Where has the year gone?  We have dinner reservations at The Better Half Bistro, which is this cute looking French Restuarant which is 2 blocks from our apartment which I’ve been just dying to try!


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