Gader Girl in Sandy Eggo

Epic Fail!

Ok, so Saturday’s surprise was a complete bust!  We were supposed to go to the Little Italy Farmer’s Market, but parking was a major issue!  We probably drove around for half an hour tying to find a spot.  Around every corner, other people were finding spots, but we had no luck!  Oh well!  It’s on the agenda this weekend for sure!  I’m thinking the key is to get there earlier in the day.

So, this week has been much calmer at work.  Although, the boss’ kids are out of school and running around like crazy little Indians, disrupting our flow a little bit.  I’m totally jealous of their carefree summer!

This week in health has been awesome!  I’m rocking week 2 of the half marathon training schedule and I’ve been pretty good about incorporating weights into my routine.  Monday I went to a 24 hour lift class at my gym which was awesome!  It’s bascially just a typical low weight, high rep, fast paced class.  The music made it super fun, though.  Yesterday I did a track workout at the UCSD track!  This is going to work out sooo well!  The new Tuesday plan is:  I’ll go straight from work to the track and then once I’m done with my workout, I can just pick The Mad Scientist up and head home, perfect!  Yesterday I did 5x 1000 meters fast with a 2 minute recovery between each.  I really feel like I get so much out of track workouts; so glad I found a new track!  Yay!  For today, I’m heading straight from work to the gym for another 24 Lift class, then I’m off for an easy breezy 30 minute run.  Then, I’ll rush home to shower and change to go over to Kelly and Regan’s place for dinner and So You Think You Can Dance!  Such a fun show!  Kelly’s totally got me hooked (Michael oddly really enjoys it too!).

Do you have a guilty pleasure junk T.V. show?  What’s your favorite?