Gader Girl in Sandy Eggo


Whew, I survived another Monday!  I am still recovering from a nasty cold I had on Friday and Saturday!  I spend most of the day on Saturday sleeping, which seemed to help speed the recovery process.  I literally slept until I could not sleep anymore!  The Mad Scientist took most excellent care of me and even went out on a mission to get some delish Boston Market.  Comfort food is totally necessary when sick, I think it has medicinal properties!  Although, nothing is as magical as mom’s homecooking.  Seriously.  My mom can cook and bake way better than your mom can.  And that’s not an exaggeration!  😉  So, after 24 hours of confinement to our tiny apartment, I was feeling better, but climbing the walls!  So the Mad Scientist and I went to church and a fab brunch at Olivitto in Mission Hills.  The menu is totally my style: fresh and based around seasonal ingredients.  The inside is very hip and chic, and the service was good.  We definitely want to go back for vino some night!  I ordered a delish salad with field greens, walnuts, mango (only my fav fruit ever!), and grilled chicken.  Michael ordered the banana stuffed french toast and then ordered the breakfast quesadillas.  You read that right, he ordered TWO entrees, what can I say?  The boy can eat!  Afterwards, we picked up the basics at Henry’s for the week.  I also got a new rice protein powder by NutriBiotic, which is truely dairy free, yay!  It definitely makes the Green Monster a little gritty, but it makes my tummy happy, which is the most important to me!

After our grocery shopping adventure, we headed over to the San Diego Zoo.  It’s become our Sunday afternoon ritual.  Watching the animals just never gets old, they’re always doing something different.  And the zoo is so big, that we still have yet to see everything!  And it was a great panda viewing day.  Pandas are my favorite animal, but they’re not usually very active since they sleep something like 18 hours a day.  But this week, they were up and snacking on some bamboo.  It was too adorable!  I wish I could have a panda for a pet, but I guess I’ll have to settle for a dog!!

That’s right, The Mad Scientist will finally be able to have a dog of our very own!  We are moving into an aparment in the middle of July that will allow us to adopt a little fur child!  I am so excited, as I’ve been wanting to get a puppy for years now!  And all of this excitment just happens to occur right around my birthday, so I think my birthday present is going to be a little Westie named Toby!  I just can’t wait!!

July is going to be a totally insane month for us!  Rundown for the first week of July:

*My cousin Ryan is returning from a 7 month South East Asia Tour with the Navy

*My Aunt Cathy and Uncle Rick are coming to meet my cousin and we’ll be hanging out with them some

*My MIL (mother in law) is going to be in town

*4th of July, which is gauranteed shenanigans

*Our 1 year wedding anniversary ❤

What a crazy week, huh?!  We’re then moving in the middle of July, then I’m going back to Wellington, FL to visit the fam for a week!  Crazy month, but all good things, I can’t wait!  I’m super excited to see the fam!  Just a month from Thursday now & I am in full shape up mode!

Returning to working out after a cold is so brutal.  I went for a slow 30 minute run yesterday, but it was so difficult.  I felt like I wasn’t able to get enough oxygen, my lung capacity is not impressive right now 😦  I hate getting sick when I’m in the zone with working out, it’s such a huge set back!  And I’ve got a race on Sunday, so I am trying to get back in the groove and prepped for that.  I’ve got a track workout tonight, which I looooove!  They’re always so challenging, but breaking them up makes it seem easier to run my hardest.

Around the Blogosphere:

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